Tear Stimulates Teardrop

Suffering from chronic dry eye, red or swollen eyes, or itchy eyes? A revolutionary solution has arrived! Olympic Ophthalmics' iTear100 handheld medical device is FDA-cleared, and provides immediate relief from these dreaded conditions in just 15 seconds. Itching or redness, or experiencing difficulty blinking? iTear100 is here for you.

The iTear100 is specially designed to activate the external nasal nerve, stimulating natural teardrop production in the eyes without the need for eyedrops, medication or lubricants. This is unlike its competitors, the Tyrvaya and Xiidra devices, which rely on eyedrops to alleviate these conditions.

Operating an iTear100 device is easy. Just press a button to activate the vibrating tip on the device, and then place it against the side of the nose until tears naturally begin to form. Portable and lightweight, the device provides immediate relief, no matter where you are.

Ditch the eyedrops and switch to iTear100 today! Enjoy the convenience of having a powerful and reliable tool in your pocket, providing relief from those itchy, swollen or red eyes in a matter of seconds. No longer will you have to worry about difficult-to-use droppers or powders - just pull out your iTear100, press a button, and get the relief you desire in no time!

Although iTear100 is not a substitute for medical treatment, it does provide an excellent on-the-go solution for those looking for an alternative to eyedrops. Refresh and hydrate your eyes with iTear100 from Olympic Ophthalmics you'll be glad you did!

Olympic Ophthalmics has been helping people with eye issues for over 25 years, now with their FDA-cleared iTear100 handheld device. The iTear100 uses focused oscillatory energy to activate the external nasal nerve, stimulatin natural tear production and quickly relieving symptoms of chronic dry eye, red and swollen eyes and itchy eyes. No longer do you have to rely on competitor products like Tyrvaya and Xiidra, which require eyedrops, medication or lubricants.

The iTear100 device is lightweight and easy to use. All you need to do is hold the device, press a button to activate the vibrating tip and gently touch the tip to the side of your nose until tears naturally begin to form. And with a promise of fast results in only 15 seconds, the iTear100 puts confidence and control in your hands.

Instead of living with the symptoms of chronic dry eye, red and itchy eyes, try the iTear100 as an alternative to conventional eye drops. Through a simple and painless process, natural tear production can be stimulated, relieving the symptoms of dry eye. At the same time, you can enjoy the convenience and portability of the iTear100, avoiding the burden of carrying and applying eyedrops.

Whether you're struggling with the symptoms of chronic dry eye or red/swollen eyes, iTear100 can help you get maximum relief. So what are you waiting for? Give the iTear100 a try you won't be disappointed.

Tired of the constant use of eyedrops or any other tear-producing medications? A revolutionary medical device from Olympic Ophthalmics, the iTear100 has been cleared by the FDA that can effectively address chronic dry eye issues, redness, and itchy eyeswithout any medication or lubricants.

The iTear100 uses focused oscillatory energy to activate the external nasal nerve in the nose, allowing natural tear production that is similar to that of blinked tears. Unlike other products, the activation process with the iTear100 is almost instantaneous and requires no eyedrops or medications. All you have to do is hold the device in your hand, press a button to activate the vibrating tip, and place the vibrating tip on the side of your nose until the tears start rolling.

The engineers at Olympic Ophthalmics kept portability and usability in mind when designing the iTear100. Weighing just 2 ounces, this device fits into the palm of your hand and can yield results in as little as 15 seconds. Any user can access convenient, long-term relief from eye irritants without relying on nasal sprays, eyedrops, or heavy doses of medication.

As an FDA-cleared medical device, the iTear100 offers an improved, safe, and hassle-free alternative to popular tear-producing medications. It is the perfect solution for anyone suffering from dry, red, and itchy eyes. The unique vibrating tip feature allows iTear100 to target the external nasal nerve that triggers natural tear productionquickly and safely. Experience the convenience of never having to worry about eyedrops or other tear-producing medications again. Try iTear100 today and get the relief that you need!

Olympic Ophthalmics is revolutionizing the way people with chronic dry eye issues address their condition with the recent release of iTear100a FDA-cleared, handheld medical device that seeks to naturally and effectively stimulate tear production.

Unlike other solutions, such as Tyrvaya and Xiidra, which rely on applying drops, the iTear100 device emits focused oscillatory energy, activating the external nasal nerve to produce natural teardrop production without medication or lubricants. All it takes is 15 seconds and you're on your way to tear production management that lasts for hours.

To use the iTear100 device, the user holds the lightweight and portable device onto their nose and presses a button to activate the vibrating tip. Then they touch the vibrating tip to the side of their nose until tears naturally begin to form and prestono eyedrops required. Clinical studies have shown that users experience immediate improvements of their dry eye symptoms after using the device.

The iTear100 is another tremendous breakthrough from Olympic Ophthalmics, who have dedicated themselves to finding innovative solutions for dry eye and other eye conditions. If you're looking for a natural, easy, and effective solution for chronic dry eye or red/swollen eyes and itchy eyes, call us at 650-300-9340 to arrange for a personal consultation and begin your journey towards healthy eyes with iTear100.