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Dry eyes are a common issue for many people, but for those with chronic eye irritation due to dryness, redness, swelling, or itchiness, traditional eyedrops or lubricants may not be enough to address their symptoms. Fortunately, Olympic Ophthalmics has developed iTear100, a revolutionary, FDA-cleared device that helps activate tear production in the eyes quickly and easily.

The iTear100 device activates the external nasal nerve through focused oscillatory energy, prompting the body to begin naturally producing its own tears in just 15 seconds. To use, simply hold the device, press the button to activate the vibrating tip, and touch the tip on the side of the nose until natural tear production begins. The lightweight and portable design makes iTear100 easy to take on the go and use wherever needed.

Unlike competitor products such as Tyrvaya or Xiidra, iTear100 does not rely on topical eyedrops or lubricants to create tear production, instead relying on the body's natural ability to produce tears. This makes iTear100 a safe and effective alternative for those looking for quick and reliable relief for their dry eye symptoms without having to worry about additional medications or eyedrops.

At Olympic Ophthalmics we understand the discomfort those with dry eyes can experience, and are committed to helping those in need feel more comfortable and able to carry out everyday activities. That is why we are proud to offer iTear100 as a practical and easy to use tool to help activate natural tear production in the eyes. Try iTear100 today and start feeling the difference.

Olympic Ophthalmics has revolutionized eye care with the launch of their FDA-cleared iTear100 handheld device. This device produces natural tear production without the need for eyedrops or lubricants, offering relief to many with chronic dry eye issues, red/swollen eyes, or itchy eyes.

Unlike competitor products, the iTear100 does not require the insertion of any medication or lubricants into the eyes. Instead, the device uses focused oscillatory energy to activate the external nasal nerve which in turn stimulates natural tear production. To use the iTear100 you simply hold it, press the button to activate the vibrating tip, and then lightly touch the vibrating tip to the side of your nose until tears naturally begin to form. Lightweight and portable, the iTear100 offers fast relief in 15 seconds or less.

The iTear100 is not only easy to use, but also extremely safe. As it stimulates the production of natural tears, it is gentle and odorless and causes none of the irritation associated with eyedrops and other medications. In addition, it is suitable for both long-term and short-term use and can be used as often as needed without fear of side effects.

If you are dealing with chronic dry eyes, or if you occasionally experience red/swollen eyes or itchy eyes, the iTear100 may be the perfect solution for you. For fast, safe, and effective relief, try the revolutionary iTear100 handheld device from Olympic Ophthalmics today.

Introducing iTear100 the first FDA-cleared, handheld medical device designed to give relief to those dealing with chronic dry eye issues. Olympic Ophthalmics has created the iTear100 device; a revolutionary device that uses focused oscillatory energy to activate the external nasal nerve, stimulating natural tear production in the eyes.

Unlike competing products such as Tyrvaya and Xiidra, which rely on the use of eyedrops, the iTear100 can quickly activate natural tear production without the use of eyedrops, medication, or lubricants. All users need to do is hold the device, press a button to activate the vibrating tip, and gently press the vibrating tip to the side of the nose for a few seconds.

The iTear100 device is incredibly lightweight and portable and delivers immediate relief in just 15 seconds. It's a huge benefit for those who are constantly travelling and don't have the ability to carry around multiple items, such as eyedrops, to deal with their chronic dry eye issues.

The iTear100 is not a replacement for eyedrops instead, it's a device you hold in your hand, activate, and press against the side of your nose for a few seconds to allow your body to produce its own tears. This device has already changed the lives of many people, who now live without relying on eyedrops or lubricants, giving them the freedom and relief they had longed for.

The iTear100 device is incredibly helpful for those suffering from chronic dry eye issues and those with red, swollen, or itchy eyes. If you're looking for a way to quickly and naturally create your own tears, the iTear100 device is an amazing option.

Do you suffer from chronic dry eye, red and swollen eyes, or itchy eyes? Do you depend on eyedrops, medication or lubricants to alleviate these symptoms? If so, then Olympic Ophthalmics' iTear100 is the solution for you.

The iTear100 is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared handheld medical device that can help those suffering from a wide range of dry eye-related symptoms. Rather than relying on eyedrops, medication or lubricants, the iTear100 uses focused oscillatory energy to stimulate the external nasal nerve. This in turn activates the body's own natural tear production, providing immediate relief.

Operation of the iTear100 is simple. Just press a button to activate the light, gentle vibrating tip, and hold the device against the side of your nose. You'll feel your eyes naturally begin to tear in just 15 seconds, providing relief within minutes.

What makes the iTear100 better than its competitors such as Tyrvaya and Xiidra is that it's lightweight, portable and requires no extra accessories. Plus, it's safe to use as often as needed, as it does not rely on any potentially harmful chemicals or medications.

Are you ready to try the iTear100 for yourself? Don't wait any longer. The iTear100 is the fast, safe and natural way to alleviate chronic dry eye symptoms. Contact Olympic Ophthalmics at 650-300-9340 to learn more.